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Meet Your Power User

Posted by Deborah Powsner on November 28, 2012. [ Categories: Advertising, Mobile ]

Today, SessionM released the first in our new series of Power User reports. We’re exploring the activities, interests and motivations of the app ecosystem’s most active users.

Why focus on this segment? Because whether you’re a marketer or a developer, the future of your business rests on how well you connect with and grow this audience.

Power Users account for over two-thirds of all time spent in apps. They complete 4x more sessions per month than other users. Whenever your ad is shown or your app is downloaded, Power Users are the people you want to grab and hold onto.

While demographics and other overall user insights are important, they become that much more impactful when we know we’re reaching an active mobile audience.

We defined “Power Users” as the top 33.3% who’ve completed the most in-app activities across our network – regardless of whether they were mPOINTS members or not – and then compared them to the average app user to find similarities and differences.

We hope you enjoy our first report and want to hear your feedback!

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