27 times an hour.

That's how often today's digital natives switch media channels. Holding their attention is a huge challenge. And if you succeed, the next challenge is to monetize without alienating them.

SessionM solves for all of the above. Your users stay engaged and happy even as you monetize, because they get value in return.

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SessionM delivers more loyal users, deeper engagement and higher revenues. You'll be up and running in no time. And the platform is free!

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SessionM offers a new approach that helps you cultivate users’ loyalty and earn more from their attention

Our platform makes it easy for developers and publishers to promote and monetize high-value activities, using easy-to-understand achievement structures, status sharing and real-world rewards. When users get value for their time, they gladly spend more of it with your content and ads.

More loyalty.

Rewards keep users coming back more frequently and for longer sessions. SessionM users complete 2x more sessions per month than the average user.

Achievements vary, but developers and publishers typically award mPOINTS for visiting more often, exploring more content and being more social. Visit the mPOINTS website

Forbes SessionM offers a truly valuable mobile experience that has [fans] returning again and again.

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Media Post Success for mobile ads won’t come from new kinds of formats. It will come from new kinds of value.

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Forbes ...most apps and mobile ads are not very effective. SessionM’s technology and platform is changing that for the better.

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xconomy.com If there’s a new angle to mobile advertising, Lars Albright has seen it.

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Our users love mPOINTS! They've enhanced the overall app experience and provide ads that they actually welcome the opportunity to engage with. The opt-in ad formats and real world rewards set SessionM apart from other rewards services.

Michael Scogin, VP, Mobile & Emerging Platforms, MTV

More revenue.

SessionM is free to developers and publishers, who share in the ad revenues we generate.

We take care of all the details, from tracking mPOINTS to adding rewards to finding great advertisers like American Express, Pepsi and McDonald’s.

Ads are delivered at moments when users have just reached an achievement and so are more ready to earn bonus points by engaging with a brand sponsor's ad.


our premiere advertisers include

American Express
American Family Insurance
Minute Maid

SessionM has proven to be an effective and valuable third-party monetization platform, creating an experience that feels native to our games.

Sourabh Ahuja, VP, Android Development, Glu Mobile


A seamless experience.

SessionM adds to the great experience users are already having on your mobile app or website. Our HTML 5 layer integrates easily into your existing content and will look and feel native to the experience.

You can customize SessionM to suit your needs: achievement alerts come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors that you choose and configure.

Your Content

The SessionM SDK was simple to integrate and their analytics have been essential to helping us better understand and reach out to our loyal user base.

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Deeper insights.

SessionM's real-time metrics are a great way to see what's working best for you.

Find out which achievements are driving the most activity, then manage your account in real-time right in our Analytics Portal.

Your dashboard also brings you revenue reporting and deep user insights.

More users.

Partner with SessionM and use our growing network to drive your own app installs.

Our super-engaged users are always looking to add apps they can earn rewards in.

Social features drive organic growth, and paid campaigns and cross-promotional opportunities drive users.

Over 50 Million Engaged Users

Developing/Publishing with us.

Advertising with us.