SessionM is a results-driven loyalty platform that drives user engagement and generates monetization opportunities across mobile and desktop. Download our SDK here and learn more below.

It All Starts with an Engaged Audience

SessionM enables publishers to build a relationship and reward the users they have invested so heavily to attract. The result: higher retention, more time spent and incremental revenue.

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Cameron Clayton
The Weather Company
Fred Kirsch
The New England Patriots

A Seamless Experience That's Easy to Integrate & Customize

We deliver a lightweight SDK and catalog of APIs. These tools help define value drivers, customize user actions and implement our platform quickly and seamlessly.

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Incremental Revenue with a Material Impact

Quick hit ad gimmicks, irrelevant instant offers and deal programs that degrade the experience are short-lived. True loyalty encourages a lasting relationship between publishers and users, where both parties benefit. SessionM's ad inventory is 100% user-initiated and features brands that users care about.

Sony Zynga AOL DreamWorks Studios The Weather Company Viacom ludia Warner Bros.

Actionable Data to Grow and Target Your Cross-Platform Audience

Our dynamic publisher dashboard clearly presents revenue, engagement and user retention in real-time so you can monitor the health of your users and your business. The scale and scope of first-party activity data that we put in your hands enables you to make well-informed business and media decisions.

User Acquisition From The Coalition of Publishers Within the Network

Leveraging the first-party insights from your audience, we can identify and segment the most active mobile users across our coalition of publishers and help you acquire users at a fraction of market rates.

Check out SessionM Insights, our self-service audience marketplace.

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Full Service Loyalty Management.

SessionM is the only provider who services every aspect of the loyalty experience, including points management, ad sales and rewards fulfillment.