3 Customer Loyalty Trends That Will Make a Difference in 2017

Building loyalty is paramount for brands looking to distinguish themselves and build a deeper relationship with their customer-base. Customers that feel like a particular brand understands them and their needs are more likely to not only go back to that brand, but bring some friends along too.

As mobile technology continues to grow, customer loyalty strategies will evolve and shift for the changing landscape to become more tailored and personalized, and brands will be forced to adapt or risk losing customers. There is no room for a one-size-fits-all approach to loyalty, and this will only continue to progress through 2017. Read on to learn the 3 loyalty trends  that will make a difference in mobile marketing this coming year.

A single-view, cloud-based solution

Gone are the days where the only option for marketers is to send impersonal campaigns to the masses, relying only on open and click-through rates for engagement metrics. In today’s mobile-first world, that option is no longer enough. Many companies are trying to keep up with customers’ expectations but still applying a siloed, one-dimensional strategy that does nothing to build any sort of relationship with the customer. To keep up with the times (and customer expectations), companies need a comprehensive understanding of the customer in order to start building loyalty. And that all starts with a technology solution that can house single-view profiles that sync customer behavioral and purchase data in real time, across all channels. Armed with these insights, marketers can make better decisions guided by data to build and retain customer loyalty.customer-loyalty-trends.jpg

Omnichannel consistency and personalization

For customers, it can be frustrating to have different shopping experiences in-store versus web or mobile, especially if a brand doesn’t recognize a customer as the same person throughout all devices and channels. According to DMN, 94% of customers between the ages 25-34 research products and services on mobile, with 74% saying they went ahead and made a purchase. For brands to distinguish themselves from competitors, drive sales, and keep customers coming back, they have to deliver omnichannel consistency and leverage interests and historical purchase data. In turn this will create personalization for each customer by providing the right incentive, for the right behavior, via the right channel. If a retailer is going to make a personalized recommendation on a website, they have to consider that customer’s online or in-app purchases as well. Customers know what they want and use a wide range of devices and channels to interact with a brand. By making use of consistent and personalized omnichannel experiences, the dedication of the brand will become clear, turning into a loyalty driver over time.

Don’t underestimate social media

Social media, especially in regards to loyalty, will be a difference maker as the channel continues to grow in 2017 and beyond, and for brands to overlook this opportunity for loyalty would be a mistake. Social media is a gold mine for honest, accurate data, as customers share opinions, purchase intent, brand interest, and product sentiment with like-minded people. By looking into these conversations across channels, brands have direct, first-hand data they can take advantage of in the loyalty space. A key determination of loyalty is a customer’s ability and eagerness to recommend a brand they enjoy to other people, and social media is the perfect place for that. Similarly, social media allows brands to reach out to frustrated or discontent customers directly, and provide an incentive such as a coupon or exclusive deal, asking to give that brand another chance. Customers will be far more likely to engage with, and remain loyal to a brand if it has a proven commitment to its customers. Social media enables brands to demonstrate that commitment through a two-way exchange of feedback and acknowledgment.

As mobile evolves and gets bigger, customers will have more ways to interact with a brand. The idea of loyalty and how brands acquire new customers while building long-lasting relationships to retain them is ever-changing, especially as customers get savvier – and that will continue to happen through 2017. By utilizing a single-view solution to sync all customer profiles in real time, omnichannel consistency and personalization, and the relatively untapped power of social, you’ll be well on your way to building an effective loyalty strategy for your brand.