4 Customer Data Management Use Cases for Sports Teams

Sports teams are collecting a ton of customer data from all types of channels. However, putting that data to action is a major challenge for many of them. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how an advanced customer data management solution can help address some of the most common limitations holding sports teams back from achieving a single customer view to deliver personalized engagements at the moment of impact. Keep reading to understand four customer data management use cases specific to the sports the industry.

Season ticket member

Season ticket members are some of your most lucrative fans, so it’s crucial that you keep them coming back again and again. In order to increase engagement among existing season ticket members, organizations must deliver personalized communications to them throughout the season, which will also help to ensure that you’ll retain them for the next season.

With an advanced CDP, you could send campaigns with “happy birthday” messages and offers or “thank you” messages based on tenure. And when it comes time for fans to decide whether to renew their season tickets, you could send reminder messages with the contact details of their ticket rep as the STM purchase window opens, or offers for package upgrades based on tenure and previous season package.

Brick and mortar in-venue & in-stadium food and beverage purchases

Ticket sales are only a piece of the pie when it comes to driving revenue. Venues also rely on fans to purchase merchandise from in-arena retail stores and food and beverage vendors. In order to motivate them to buy the goods, sports teams need send personalized offers.

Real-time execution of campaigns enables sports venues to send out promotions or announcements to fans quickly and entice them to purchase food and beverages, or apparel. For example: you could send a push message or SMS with a “Buy a hot dog and get a soda for free” offer; or send a specific segment of fans an offer to receive 20% off all merchandise. You could then send out a reminder about the offer to those individuals who haven’t redeemed it by half-time. Alternatively,  you could send a push or email to user profiles that show up in the arena for an offer on jerseys, hats, etc. or when a fan gets within a certain distance from one of the stores in the arena, send a push message to encourage the person to purchase specific merchandise.

With an advanced CDP, marketers also have the ability to deliver single-use, personalized closed loop offers that can be redeemed with the venue’s POS systems. This is a win-win for marketers and fans alike, as purchase behaviors are appended to the fan’s profile to enhance future engagements and fans receive highly personalized offers based on that profile data (even for customers that pay cash).  

customer-data-management-for-sports-teams.jpgFans that can’t visit venue

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, a sentiment that sports teams must tap into in order to connect with and to drive additional revenue from fans who aren’t able to visit your venue.

An advanced CDP allows marketers to connect with fans who might not ever have the opportunity to visit your venue by enabling segmentation based on previous consumer behavior so that different messages can be sent to in-venue fans than those fans that never make it to the venue. For example, international or long distance fans could have messaging centered on making an ecommerce purchase, organizing viewing parties or subscribing to streaming video.

Between game and off-season engagement

Athletes don’t stop training just because the season isn’t in session. Sports teams must adopt a similar attitude when it comes to their customer engagement strategy in order to stay top-of-mind with customers between games and during the off-season.

With an advanced CDP, you could deploy campaigns based on fan behavior. For example, send a fan all relevant content related to her favorite player (a data point that you’ve collected) and weigh all of that content higher in the activity feed of your app. You can also send personalized offers for merchandise related to that player that she can redeem online or in-store.

Loyalty is at the heart of any great sports team. There’s an expectation that fans will love their team no matter what, but teams can’t take that to the bank. With so many channels through which to engage both in and out of the venue, organizations have ample opportunities to deepen relationships with their fans, while simultaneously increasing incremental spend and lifetime value throughout the year. With the right technology, teams can capitalize on this always-on connection to deliver highly relevant, personalized experiences in-venue or during the off-season. How’s your line-up?