Celebrating Customer Experience Day

October 1st marked the 3rd annual Customer Experience Day, which was created by the CXPA, a global non-profit organization for the customer experience profession. Yesterday celebrated the professionals and companies that make great customer experiences happen and at SessionM, we pride ourselves in helping brands cultivate relationships and loyalty with their customers, so we’d be remiss not to dedicate a blog to #CXDay2019.

As September was coming to an end, I thought, “what better way to recognize CX Day than with a Top List?” So, here are five ways brands can deliver exceptional customer experiences.


  • Use the Treasure Trove of User Data Available. Your company’s data is useless if it’s not accessible and actionable for those actually using the data and interacting with customers every day—i.e. marketers, call centers, etc.


  • Have an Accurate, Deep Understanding of Customers. Isn’t this the Holy Grail for any company? After all, how can you deliver a quality customer experience if you don’t understand your customers’ individual preferences, behaviors, interests, etc.?


  • EnrichSegmentation! Companies can no longer treat/view customers in aggregate, demographic categories— making broad offers through fixed channels if you want to stay on top. It’s critical to see customers as individuals who your brand knows well and serves like no other.


  • Timing and Context is Everything. Brands that succeed understand their customers and know all aspects of that customer – behavior, context, interests and preferences—in order to properly ‘wow’ them and turn them into loyal customers. This means reaching their customers via the right channel, with the right content, at the right time to improve the customer experience, enhance brand loyalty, and increase customer value.


  • Think Like a Virtual or Personal Assistant. Using customer data allows businesses to determine what a customer is most interested in and create an experience where content, products and/or services are presented to customers before they even realize they need them. This strategy requires the anticipation of future needs—looking at behavioral patterns, market trends, and user experiences for proactive measures to secure a personalized, unique and memorable experience across multiple channels. This, in turn, enables the customer to feel understood and valued, and likely to develop a loyalty that will be a good basis for customer retention, up-selling and cross-selling.

The five strategies outlined above are the tip of the iceberg, really, in creating customer experiences that matter and that make your business more profitable. If you have any interest in learning more or want to share how your team celebrates CX Day 2019, drop us a line!