Customer Engagement Examples for Breweries

Many people have a favorite beer they’ve been drinking for years, but unfortunately most breweries really have no way of knowing who those people are. If you don’t know your customers, then you can’t understand your customers…and if you can’t understand your customers then you can’t engage your customers…and if you can’t engage your customers you can’t build loyalty. In this blog post, we’re taking a look at few customer engagement examples breweries can employ to increase revenue per customer, improve customer retention and more.

customer-engagement-for-breweries.jpgWithout a direct relationship with their customers, breweries have limited customer data collection, which hinders positive brand experiences that create loyalty. With the number of different in-store and even online retail options available for customers to purchase their favorite beer, successful brands must keep track of multiple data sources to form a single view of the customer.

Influence in-store sales

A loyalty program enables breweries to motivate customers to create profiles, so that they can engage customers despite lacking a direct purchase channel in most cases. For example, you can reward customers when they scan a receipt, or enter a promo code. Drive people to purchase your beer in-store by including a beer finder feature on your website or app that includes a list of all store and bar/restaurant locations, hours and directions. With a rewards store, customers can redeem that currency for brewery merchandise and sweepstakes entries.  

Motivate non-purchase behaviors

You don’t just have to reward customers for making purchases. You can engage customers who aren’t at the physical store too by creating reward behaviors around content engagement. For example, taking a quiz, watching videos, engaging on social or referring a friend.

Drive event attendance

You can design reward behavior around broader brewery goals, such as driving people to the brewery. Drive attendance to festivals and events by giving customers the chance to earn points by checking in, while simultaneously engaging those customers that can’t make it to the event by encouraging them to send a photo of themselves enjoying their favorite beer on the dates of the event.

Increase on-premise activity

By offering multiple ways for customers to earn points related to an event you’ll be able to engage more customers.  You can also create unique opportunities for customers to earn points on premise. For example: you could have a physical “prize wheel” so that bar patrons can spin the wheel for opportunities to win exclusive prizes.

Due to a lack of data collection, many breweries face the challenge of not knowing who their customers are (even though they might have many devoted drinkers).  Loyalty programs create the perfect mechanism to motivate customers to create profiles. By capturing customer data into a single-view profile, breweries can then deliver customer engagements that reach each customer individually and effectively at the moment of impact across all digital properties, the result of which is more revenue and higher retention. Cheers to that!