Feature Friday: Michael’s

Happy Feature Friday! This week we’re highlighting Michael’s, our trusty arts and crafts store, who is helping consumers stay healthy and busy throughout this pandemic. 

While there is a high demand (and shortage) of all personal protective equipment (PPE), two things many people are in search of are 1) protective face masks and 2) things to do while they stay at home. 

Masks are not only difficult to find, but also necessary to protect ourselves from COVID-19 when venturing out in public. If you go to the Michael’s website, on their homepage you will find how-to guides on DIY Face Masks with free templates and kits with everything you need to make a mask from scratch. 

On top of helping fight PPE shortages by encouraging DIY projects, Michael’s donated $1 million worth of fabric to more than 70 organizations, enough to make nearly 750,000 masks! 

In addition to helping consumers feel safe on their occasional trips to the outdoor world, Michael’s is also helping guide consumers on how to fill their time at home. Many schools have been cancelled for the remainder of the year, leaving parents and families to figure out how to balance their own careers and their children’s education from their living rooms. Sympathetic to this plight, Michael’s has added a “Boredom Busters” section to their website and has been posting about free craft events for kids to provide ideas and ways to stay busy in this time of uncertainty.


Lastly, Michael’s is making sure your customer experience is as simple as possible by providing curbside pick up options, delivery options, updated store hours, and even same day delivery. With useful resources, creative outlets, and delivering a seamless and safe customer experience, we give props to Michael’s for putting customers at ease when they need it most!