Holiday Shopping Trends 2015 [Infographic]

There are three holiday shopper archetypes:

  1. The Early Bird Shopper–This super organized shopper has gifts planned and purchased well in advance of the prime-time hustle and bustle of the holidays. If you don’t fall into this category, you may recognize the Early Birds as those people whose organizational prowess makes you feel like your life is in shambles by comparison.

  2. The Classic Shopper–The most prevalent of the three archetypes, this shopper dedicates a block of time before (but not by too much) the holidays for buying gifts. Though they may encounter the mall crowds, the Classic Shopper is there early enough to find everything on their list is still available.

  3. The Last Minute Shopper–It’s how many days–nay HOURS–until the holidays!? For this shopper, the process of gift buying always comes down to the wire (despite last year’s promise to have everything locked down way, way ahead next holiday season).

Different as these archetypes may be, the bottom line is that–at one point or another–they’ll all be pulling out their wallets (mobile or other) to make holiday purchases this year. Why is this important? Retailers that understand how consumers plan to holiday shop and the factors that will influence their decision-making can leverage these insights to strengthen their go-to-market approach and increase revenue. SessionM surveyed over 11,000 mobile users to uncover holiday shopping trends and consumer habits in order to help retailers do just that.  Checkout some of our findings in the infographic below: