How Can Retailers Utilize Mobile Marketing to Incentivize Holiday Shoppers?

The holiday season is right around the corner, and the excitement for gift shopping is building for consumers and retailers alike. With this new season brings shifting trends and preferences for each shopper. One of the most important trends that should be on every brand’s radar is the growing importance of mobile in the marketplace.

Facebook IQ released a study earlier this year identifying a 33% increase in the share of mobile purchases made during the 2015 holiday season compared to the year prior. Consumers are also showing their dedication to mobile devices, as even when a mobile shopping experience doesn’t go smoothly for a variety of problems like font size, signal or lack of screen optimization, 43% of consumers would still choose to try shopping again on the device later rather than other channels.incentivize-holiday-shoppers.jpg

As consumers plan to spend more time and shopping dollars with their smartphones, retailers must be ready to provide the best experience possible. One aspect of this pertains to data. As additional platforms and channels (including mobile) are added to the mix, more and more behavioral data is being generated. Retailers must not only recognize it is there, but also harvest and utilize it in a way that generates value for the consumer.

Just as data can be everywhere and at times overwhelming, during the holiday season engagements from retailers share similar traits. Consumers are inundated with coupons, sale promotions, and reminders through every possible medium, often times completely tuning out the “noise” due to the sheer volume and lack of relevancy. To stay top of mind, brands must identify this and act accordingly to get a share of the shopper’s hectic holiday season.

This holiday shopping season, consumer preferences are changing. The use of mobile is changing. Retailers must recognize and respond. To fully understand where the trends are headed and how brands can adapt to provide personalized, omnichannel engagements, check out our holiday white paper: 2016 Holiday Shopping + Mobile Marketing Trends.