Why Your Company Needs Total Loyalty Awareness for the Mobile-First World

Scott Weller May 19, 2015

You’re convinced your loyalty program stinks. Your biggest competitor’s program has a far greater value proposition (not to mention, they just launched a beautiful mobile app while your churn rate jumped 5% last quarter).

You feel like the CEO is breathing down your neck to really up your game.

You worry that you are late to the technology shift. You’re unsure what technology solution is right for your organization.  There are so many options.

Don’t worry. You’re not in over your head. Your loyalty program is probably not an unmitigated disaster. It just needs direction, aim and a mobile-first approach.

The key is to start.

Over the past 4 years, I have been in many conversations with great teams and products in this exact spot. I have also had the opportunity to witness some awesome recoveries.

Within mobile-first loyalty programs, one theme for success has been common – leveraging first-party data to help create a great customer experience. Successful companies do this by empowering their organizations with a term I call: “Total Loyalty Awareness”.

“Total Loyalty Awareness” is about putting the technology in place to gather critical information about your customers’ experiences – who are they? What do they engage with? Why are they engaging? When and how often do they engage?

Armed with data and a deeper understanding of each customer’s past experience, successful loyalty programs then share that information with all key stakeholders likely to impact that customer’s journey in the future.


From Marketing and Operations to Customer Service and Sales and beyond, you must mobilize each corner of an organization with digital tools to create “Total Loyalty Awareness.”  From there, teams with the right information at the right time create consistent, engaging customer interactions that align with the brand ideals.

Thanks to the treasure trove of first-party data mobile provides, companies have the opportunity to build extraordinary customer experiences based on the breadcrumbs left behind by the customer during their interactions with the brand. The key is to turn that data into actionable insights that make each experience better than the last. Establishing an internal feedback loop within your organization to create a complete picture of who your customer is and how your organization has engaged with her in the past, will keep her coming back again and again.

So what are you waiting for?