Customer Anonymity is the Enemy of Personalized Engagement

The single most common challenge we hear from marketers is that they want to make their marketing more personalized, but they are unable to do so as a result of their current technology. This isn’t just an anecdotal problem either. A report by PWC found that “94% of CMOs want to increase their marketing personalization.” And eMarketer revealed 46% cite their existing software as prohibiting, rather than enabling personalization.”

Most existing software prohibits the ability to create and deploy the types of activities needed to enable sophisticated personalization. However, the problem starts before that. How are you supposed to do any type of personalization if you don’t even know who’s interacting with your brand? The answer is–you can’t. That’s the reality most companies are facing though, as VentureBeat found that upwards of 97% of B2C site traffic remains anonymous.

Anonymity is the enemy of personalization. How can it be conquered? What is the antidote to the pain? One possible answer is loyalty, but not in the way most people think.


Loyalty is not a “program.” It’s both a way of doing business and an indicator it’s being done correctly. It’s not about consumers doing certain things to get a reward. It’s not a “buy four, get the fifth free” scenario.  It’s about businesses doing certain things and being rewarded with loyalty. Achieving this requires brands to:

First, understand their audience (by collecting a vast range of customer data, such as in-app behavior, anniversary data, service interaction, purchase history, etc.).

Then, master the moment of impact (by instantaneously acting upon a customer’s actions and the information you’ve collected about the person to deliver a tailor-made response, such as a satisfaction survey, unique challenge, status upgrade, personalized content, etc.).

Personalized engagement engenders consumer loyalty. (You cannot have loyalty without personalized engagement). Done well, they’re two-sides of the same coin.

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