QSR Consumer Loyalty Survey [Infographic]

The quick service and fast casual restaurant industry is one of the fastest growing and profitable industries in the US with 2014 sales reaching over $179 billion. But with profits come challenges. This category faces tough consumer demands for higher quality and more options, increased costs due to the rising prices of commodities, decreased margins, and above all, a rapidly saturating market.

A brand’s greatest asset is its customers, especially in a competitive marketplace. Loyal customers are valuable for not only the obvious reason that they generate more revenue and (when treated well) serve as evangelists for your business, but also the insights brands can glean from their habits and behaviors to inform a strategy for keeping them happy, as well as acquiring more of them. Aligning these two pieces is the key to building brand loyalty. The infographic below highlights key statistics about diner habits and behavior that quick service and fast casual restaurants can use to do just that!

QSR Consumer Loyalty Survey Infographic

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