Revisiting Apple Loyalty

In a previous post, we examined the Apple Card and were unimpressed with its perks. On stepping back to look at the larger Apple ecosystem, however, there may be more opportunity for a larger loyalty play here than we first gave them credit for (pun intended).

Along with the Apple Card announcement back in March, Apple unveiled new services including Apple News+, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade. We’d be remiss to ignore the growing range of its touchpoints with the consumer across services and devices. Yet at the same time, Apple is making a lot of noise about its commitment to customer privacy, vowing not to use data to advertise to consumers in any of the traditional ways we’re familiar with.

So, if Apple were to leverage its ecosystem to engage better with its customers, what exactly would that look like?

With an eye to industry trends and the future of loyalty and engagement, we explored that idea in a recent article in SalesTech Star. Whether you’re a fan of Apple or not, there are compelling reasons to believe the company may have more up its sleeve to “surprise and delight” its customers.

If you have a moment to give our thought experiment a read, let us know if you agree: