Get Your Head Into the Clouds

SessionM and Salesforce Clouds Make Loyalty Marketing One-Stop Shopping

Most marketers have multiple on-site MarTech systems. As common as this situation is, it’s equally problematic. Most of these systems are rapidly becoming antiquated, unable to keep pace with the unprecedented evolution of the technical landscape and avalanche of data that’s resulted from new functionality and connectivity. Keeping the technical “plates spinning” requires more and more people each year (if not quarter) as maintenance and support budget lines paradoxically grow over time.  

The joint solution of SessionM Loyalty Cloud and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud changes that dynamic, helping to reduce costs and increase functionality through state of the art architecture and tooling. With greater functionality, flexibility and agility, coupled with a MarTech cost line that’s both lower and more predictable, marketers gain power at the cutting edge, and CFOs gain certainty on the bottom line.

Here’s how it works:

  • SessionM Loyalty Cloud ingests omni-channel customer data to form a single picture of each customer and their associated behaviors. Ingested data can include ecommerce transaction data (through Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration or integration with mobile payment providers such as First Data), point of sale transaction data, location data and digital engagement behaviors.
  • Loyalty Cloud then feeds this bridged profile data into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to use for granular segmentation, triggered campaigns and customer journeys throughout retail and ecommerce touchpoints – all enabled through the elegant Salesforce integration.
  • Critically, the customer profile “golden record” gets updated in real time as new events are streamed in and housed in the cloud – not in on-premise hardware that’s depreciating from the day it’s stood up.

The combined solution delivers on the elusive “single omnichannel orchestration tool” which lays a critical foundation for the AI and automation initiatives of the future. The combination of Salesforce and the SessionM Loyalty Cloud enables multiple delivery capabilities across mobile and web, and is able to determine which channel drives the highest conversion rate for each customer. The Loyalty Cloud also introduces additional engagement methods to reach a customer, including activity feed messages, a message inbox, and notifications within a mobile app or in-browser messages across mobile and desktop web.

By bridging customer data from all channels, including point of sale systems and ecommerce data provided via the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the SessionM Loyalty Cloud is able to provide a filterable stream within one module for each individual customer and their associated behaviors. Customer service interactions are included in this data stream, which can be transmitted to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to trigger relevant campaigns such as a survey or follow up offer based on the interaction. Additionally, this data can be streamed to the Salesforce Service Cloud to provide additional context with customer service communications.


The SessionM Loyalty Cloud features closed loop offers as a result of available POS integrations and integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud powered ecommerce websites. Customers can seamlessly redeem an offer at the register or on the web and redemption data, along with incremental purchase data, is transmitted back to the platform and associated with the customer. This aggregated data can be shared with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, resulting in a campaign or customer journey corresponding to the known success of the offer or additional purchase activities. On top of initiating sales, the combined platform saves them as well. The SessionM and Salesforce solution enables much faster engagement through recognizing the abandoned cart and deploying a relevant offer at the right time, thereby driving recapture rates and increasing revenue on sales.

In addition to driving revenue, the Salesforce and SessionM Loyalty Cloud integration allows marketers to deliver personalized single-use offers to customers, driving down offer costs. The platform ensures that the value of the offer maps to the value of the customer and the specific behavior a marketer is trying to drive, resulting in marketing spend only going to those it will have the greatest impact on. No more ‘spray and pray’ – marketers can be confident that their actions will generate real results.  

The bottom line? No wasted time or motion for marketers. No wasted dollars on unprofitable segments or ill-equipped, yet overlapping legacy systems. No wasted time on hold for consumers.

The real bottom line? Salesforce + SessionM = Demonstrable sales and profit.

A simple solution for the sophisticated marketer.