SessionM at NewCo: How Brands Can Achieve One-to-One Personalization

Looking out my window here at SessionM in Boston’s ever-changing Seaport, I glimpse a bit of everything. At this exact moment I see cars move along left and right on Seaport Boulevard. A few pedestrians come and go to and from lunch and appointments. An enormous DHL plane is taking off at Logan. An Aer Lingus plane with its distinctive kelly green markings is landing. A massive cargo ship is pulling off the docks with its containers empty on a voyage back from where it came– likely to do it all over again in a few weeks. There’s a tanker ship just sitting out in the harbor and a commuter ferry headed for the south shore.

If Boston is the “Hub of the Universe”, then SessionM sits at the hub of Boston.

And maybe it’s because of our distinctive view that we have our equally distinctive perspective.  

Forever and ever, businesses have thought of “loyalty” as a honeypot scheme to literally force their customers to continue doing business with them or risk losing earned benefits.

At our featured NewCo session we’ll discuss how the loyalty paradigm is being completely inverted in ways that not only deliver better business results for big companies, but also drive better interactions and experiences for customers. In the same way as people come and go by land, air, and sea right outside our window, customers engage with the brands they frequent similarly.

So why then do brands typically engage them as though they’re in a uniform orderly queue? That’s all technology would allow. Sending one email to every customer at the same time used to be all that was possible.

No longer.


In our session we’ll show you how true one-to-one personalization is not only possible, it’s happening today. Not for tiny little brands either. For the world’s biggest brands. Leveraging beacons, real-time data feeds, machine learning and artificial intelligence, SessionM is making data more accessible and operational than it’s ever been before. And by coupling the data piece with a complete complement of engagement tools, today’s marketers have everything they need to build the kinds of unique brands and customer experiences they’ve dreamed of but were never able to accomplish.

And the results?

Increased frequency, spend and customer advocacy. Decreased churn, marketing expense, and service costs.

Sound too good to be true? 

Come by and see how the truth is setting data free.

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