The Changing Loyalty Landscape: What Can Be Done? 

In today’s ever-changing world, technology is rapidly progressing. Mobile has taken strides from strictly functioning as a means to call or send a text, towards being a bridge to connect customers to brands at all times, across any channel. Customers are getting savvier – they know what they want – and traditional loyalty strategies simply won’t cut it anymore.

Customers want personalized omnichannel engagement, and they want to feel like they matter. Modern loyalty strategies are tailored, personalized, and real-time – they’re not about sending a blast of irrelevant, general offers to loyalty program members, hoping that they’ll respond. According to eMarketer, customers that feel engaged are 5x more likely to be loyal, and brands need to start looking at customers on an individual level to offer the most pertinent engagements and

Equally important is the ability to offer consistent brand experiences to each customer across every channel and touchpoint. If a customer purchases an item in-store and then receives an offer for that same product a few days later while they’re shopping online, it shows that the brand doesn’t recognize them as the same person in-store and online, which pushes them away. Customers expect to be treated as the same person across all channels, and the brands that do have the most loyal customers. If you treat customers as individuals, across all touchpoints, they’ll reward you with loyalty.

The loyalty landscape is changing. The traditional strategies still used by so many brands are outdated. Brands need to recognize and respond to retain customers that will be loyal and act as advocates for that brand. To build a deeper understanding of modern loyalty, and learn what goes into creating a proven, and effective loyalty strategy for a mobile-first world, enroll in our free web course, Building Loyalty and Customer-Brand Relationships.