The Weekly Roundup 6/1

Welcome to the weekly roundup: a culmination of news, ideas and learnings from the SessionM world.

Quote of the week:

“It’s funny because it’s happening to them”, Chris Merriman, journalist for The Inquirer on the potentially expensive lawsuits aimed at Facebook and Google after the first day of GDPR compliance.

Happy National Donut Day!

During World War I, women volunteering for the Salvation Army made doughnuts for soldiers serving overseas as a way to boost morale. National Doughnut Day was launched in 1938 by the Chicago branch of the Salvation Army, in part as a way to raise funds for, and awareness of, the organization’s work in the community. However, the spirit behind the day is about recognizing these women’s contributions to the war effort. (For more check out Time’s article on The Surprising History Behind National Doughnut Day).

Wait a second is it Doughnut or Donut? It doughnut matter… but make sure to pay a visit to your favorite establishment creating these delicious treats!


Looking for a story on how artificial intelligence is helping a small company optimize their marketing investment?

Learn about “Albert” a digital marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence that works across Facebook, Google, YouTube and other paid and earned media channels to autonomously target audiences, mix and match creative assets, buy media, run campaigns, measure performance, apply insights from one channel to another, and then make adjustments based on what “he” has learned to optimize the return on marketing investment.

The General Data Protection Regulation is in effect… now what?

We’ve lived through the Era of Big Data, and the Era of Personalization, and now welcome to the “Era of Consent”. To help you navigate these strange waters check out this article from the Harvard Business Review on how to convince customers to share data after GDPR.

Millennials AREN’T killing customer loyalty?

Nope, according to new research commissioned by Hawk Incentives, millennials now belong to more loyalty programs than older respondents. Also, make sure to have your digital strategies in top shape as millennials are more likely to pick digital options as rewards and belong to online retailer and food & beverage loyalty programs. (Need help? Contact us!)

It’s time to resuscitate the customer experience!

Breakthrough the noise with a focused lifecycle management strategy. Take a look at our new blog post to learn how to capture and keep consumers’ attention for lifetime retention.