The Weekly Roundup 6/22

Sam Langrock Jun 22, 2018

Welcome to the weekly roundup: a culmination of news, ideas and learnings from the SessionM world.

Quote of the week:

“As people give us more information, we’re able to create more engagement and more loyalty and more frequency”. – Sherif Mityas. Chief Experience Officer at TGI Fridays. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

Ready to graduate from Loyalty 1.0?

Take your customer experience to the next level with Loyalty.X! The game is no longer about delivering discounts and rewards for purchases; it’s all about driving incremental spend and value by motivating more frequent purchases and high value behaviors. Download our new whitepaper, co-written with Hathway, to learn more.


Why should hotels and casinos invest in a Customer Data Platform?

True hospitality requires an understanding of how to meet and exceed guest expectations. However, in a world where technology solutions are abundant, but the connection between them is sparse, understanding behavior is much easier said than done. Learn how to bridge the gap between insight and action by checking out our new blog post.

What’s driving QSR preferences? ran a story about online features consumers look for in their preferred restaurants. Among those features is loyalty, which is how we’re partnering with TGI Fridays to innovate their customer experience by creating more dynamic and real-time rewards experiences that don’t solely revolve around food.

What does the ‘rise of the machines’ mean for marketers?

According to Marc Pritchard, the Chief Brand Officer of Proctor & Gamble human creativity will not be replaced by machines. “Can machines do analysis? Yes. Can machines do algorithms? Yes. Can machines sift through mass amounts of data? Yes. Can machines gain consumer empathy and insight? No. Can machines come up with brilliant creative ideas that touch human emotions? No” (CNBC). According to SessionM CMO Patrick Reynolds, “Marketer Insight + Actionable Data + AI/ML = Greater share of the wallet and lower attrition and churn” (Why ‘Rise of the Machines’ Isn’t the Fall of Marketing Jobs). So fear not marketers, and embrace working with machines to get the customer experience selection just right.

How is SessionM delivering unified customer experiences for deeper loyalty?

Watch our new video to find out!