The Weekly Roundup 7/20

Sam Langrock Jul 20, 2018

Welcome to the weekly roundup: a culmination of news, ideas and learnings from the SessionM world.

Quote of the week:

“Being a great digital commerce retailer will make us a better retailer”. – Heidi O’Neill. President of Nike Direct. (Nike is Leveraging Data to Create Local Culture – Specific Retail Locations – Forbes)

How restaurants can maximize mobile order data 101

QSRs not leveraging their mobile order data to drive higher customer frequency and spend are in big trouble. Our new blog post takes a look at how QSRs can drive traffic to mobile channels, provide customers with the right personalized engagements and increase customer profitability. Now pardon me while I order my grande iced coffee for the third time this week so I can get those Starbucks bonus stars.

Speaking of Starbucks and mobile order

Starbucks was the pioneer in showing that mobile order-ahead could drive significant sales volume. According to PaymentWeek, reports suggest that the Starbucks mobile order-ahead empire is still gaining ground. Find out how they blend an excellent mobile experience with an easy-to-use system for an exemplary customer experience in this article from PaymentWeek.

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Mobile Order is becoming a theme this week

Earlier this year, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook said customer adoption of their mobile app is “pretty low” (Mobile Marketer). So how are they planning to change this? McDonald’s is now giving away free fries every Friday, as long as customers spend at least $1 through their mobile app (CNN). According to Peter Saleh, a restaurant analyst for BTIG, “Once customers start using (the app) and get into that habit, it tends to stick”. Time will tell if this tactic works, but as we discuss in our 3 Ways Restaurants Can Maximize Mobile Order Data post, “The more value provided to customers for completing an action, the better the chances are that they will actually do it”.

How can consumer good brands connect with consumers?

Great question! With razor-thin margins, a shifting competitive landscape and heightened customer demands, Consumer Goods brands are under pressure. Add to that the hurdle of piecing together insights from the customer journey when their products are sold through third-party retailers across multiple channels. Register for the July 24th webinar featuring Bill Clifford of SessionM as well as Kate Crowley and Sunil Rao from Salesforce to find out how to drive more brand value in a new era of commoditization.

FTC Says it can’t penalize data rule breakers

Interesting news out of a House hearing from Wednesday; members of the Federal Trade Commission said that the FTC does not have the authority to adequately punish companies that misuse customer data. Find out more on this matter in this article from AdExchanger.