The Weekly Roundup 9/14

Sam Langrock Sep 14, 2018

Welcome to the weekly roundup: a compilation of news, ideas and learnings from the SessionM world.

Quote of the week:

“We’re here to inspire loyalty through our customers, and the way we do that is through personalized experiences and offers, personalized content, and personalized messaging. It’s the experience they get as opposed to the points that they get for making purchases. People don’t care about points if they have a bad experience, and they don’t necessarily need points if they have a great experience.” – Patrick Reynolds. Chief Marketing Officer at SessionM.

How SessionM is solving the customer loyalty problem

SessionM is helping the world’s most innovative brands enhance their loyalty strategy through our advanced customer data and engagement platform. To provide a more effective loyalty program, companies require greater insight into customer behavior. SessionM helps solve this problem. According to CMO Patrick Reynolds, “Our platform is purpose-built to create highly-personalized experiences where every single consumer feels, ‘this company gets me.’ They value me. They understand what I’ve done in the past, they understand what I’m doing right now, and they have recommendations for what I should do in the future. And it’s very unique to me.” Learn more about SessionM and how we’re motivating stronger customer relationships in the new VentureFizz Company Profile.


Can Google shake up the travel industry the same way Amazon disrupted retail?

Since its acquisition of ITA Matrix Software eight years ago, Google has been quietly rolling out new tools for travelers. Its progress has been even more notable over the past months and weeks as it began unveiling tools to help predict flight delays, plan trips, and manage itineraries—among other things.

If you work in the travel and hospitality industry and just cringed or let out a string of expletives you’re not alone. Find solace in this article on The Next Web written by marketing expert Patrick Reynolds, on how airlines and hospitality companies can stay relevant without the massive data stores of a tech giant.

Speaking of Amazon…

According to an article in Retail Dive Amazon will continue its dominance of e-commerce, reaching a disproportionate 50% of share by 2023. Interestingly third-party marketplace sales have played a big part of Amazon’s success and reflects an “if-you can’t-beat-them, join-them” attitude. According to The Wall Street Journal, J.Crew has decided to sell a limited selection of clothing on Amazon, betting the potential benefits outweigh the risks of partnering with the retail industry’s biggest foe.

Looking to take your career to the next level?

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