The Weekly Roundup 9/7

Welcome to the weekly roundup: a compilation of news, ideas and learnings from the SessionM world.

Quote of the Week:

“No matter what industry you’re in there’s the imperative to know your end customer better”. – Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh, Senior Vice President of Industries at Salesforce (Salesforce Blog)

Welcome back football!

To truly mark the beginning of autumn, the National Football League kicked off on Thursday night. Few events create quite the buzz as football returning, especially in New England. For organizations in all professional sports leagues, creating more meaningful fan relationships is imperative. According to Patrick Rishe, who covers the economics of sports for Forbes, “It is crucial for brands and sponsors to create experiences that touch upon their emotions in some way to create strong brand recall and loyalty”. While the on-field product is one thing, organizations need to be doing their part to ensure they’re creating an experience that entices fans to keep showing up and supporting the team through victory and defeat. To learn more on how personalized experience can boost revenue in the sports industry, check out our blog post on the topic.


The key to restaurant loyalty

Understanding what’s holding restaurants back from greater customer loyalty is a challenge marketers have been trying to address for years. How can they get customers to increase their frequency and spend and prevent them from taking business to competitors? It’s a difficult problem to tackle. Our new blog post offers actionable strategies to overcome industry pain points such as cash payments, low app engagement and earn-and-burn loyalty programs.

Fostering loyalty in the consumer goods industry

Consumer goods companies are faced with the difficult task of piecing together the customer journey from the shelves and online sites of many different retailers. Without a direct relationship with consumers, building meaningful customer relationships is a tall order. Unlock the strategies that drive incremental spend and promote loyalty by downloading our new white paper!

Ready player one: customer engagement strategies in the gaming industry

According to Electronic Arts CMO Chris Bruzzo, marketers need to be bold and “go after the unknown — because unproven tactics of today become defining moments of the future … Data allows us to make bold decisions”. With numerous rivals popping up it’s EA’s goal to form a deep emotional connection with consumers. Learn more about how EA is driving innovation and growth through more meaningful and rewarding player experiences in this article from Forbes.

What are the three pillars to building shopper loyalty?

According to Sara Gupta, Vice President, Retail Division at Bazaarvoice, the three pillars to building shopper loyalty are in-store efficiencies, loyalty programs and personalization (Retail Dive). While 81% of brands and retailers say using customer data and machine learning to make personalized recommendations is a focus, 58% of them also say they’re behind in developing a single view of the customer across all touchpoints. Without unified customer profiles, building these pillars will be incredibly difficult, check out our infographic to get started on building a dynamic, 360-degree view of the customer.