Tips to Keep Your Data Moving

From powering smarter interactions to helping us engage with customers in real time, data is (or at least should be) at the foundation of everything brands do when it comes to the customer experience and loyalty.

In the “big data” land rush, companies were collecting data from everywhere and storing it everywhere like it was going out of style. More recently, privacy measures like GDPR and several companies’ failure to meet and adhere to its standards showed us just how disorganized data efforts can still be today. While our minds often equate data to structure, the boots-on-the-ground truth can be just the opposite.

I recently authored an article for InformationWeek on the hidden challenges of moving data and rationalizing it into a single repository. There are certain misunderstandings, complexities, and outright myths that we encounter every day when helping clients figure out the best way to structure and make their data actionable. Understanding where these nuances lie is a great first step towards posturing your team for success.

Check out full the article, “Moving Data and its Hidden Challenges,” and let’s keep those data initiatives in motion!