Today’s Hospitality Challenge: Meeting Consumers Where They Are

There’s a perception that the travel industry is struggling right now. And while it’s true that travel habits are shifting in dramatic ways, the challenge I’ve heard from many of the travel and hospitality brands we work with is not a lack of interest – it’s how to adapt to evolving consumer behaviors, wants, and needs.

The silver lining hidden in this challenge is the creative energy the industry is bringing to its solution. Travel and hospitality companies are making bold moves and finding inventive new ways to engage their loyal customers, whether those consumers are taking to the sky, road, or even staying at home. The result? Some of the strongest travel brands are evolving their loyalty practices by leaps and bounds and setting themselves up for incredible success down the line.

I recently authored a piece describing some of these strategies for Hospitality Technology. From rethinking rewards, to bending the rules and putting safety first, the article outlines strategies that both hospitality companies and those in other industries can use to strengthen their loyalty programs today.

You can read more in Hospitality Technology, but we’re also glad to discuss strategies that will work best for your unique business challenges. Let’s talk about the right approach for you.

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