How to Keep & Acquire Customers: Understand The Customer Experience

Sometimes people get so wrapped up in the result, they forget about the process.

What are your business objectives?

“Grow sales and increase profitability. Duh.”

I refer to this as the “World Peace Conundrum”. Everybody is for it, but nobody’s really sure how to get there.

It boils down to the process.

Of course you want your customers to be loyal. Loyal customers are profitable customers, rich in revenue and without acquisition cost. In fact, they’re actually accretive in that they frequently acquire customers to your business themselves informally via word-of-mouth or more formally via social, affiliate marketing and so on.


So how do you keep the customers you have and find more like them?

Consider the process.

What products or services are most profitable or mission-critical for your business? What are the customer considerations or the deliberative process that leads to a successful purchasing decision? How do you know? Are there data breadcrumbs from your best customers you can follow backwards to begin scripting the type of experience (how they browse, what they buy, what offers they respond to…) you’d like new customers to follow moving forward?

Get your data organized and visualized in such a way that you can separate the best customer wheat from the one-and-done chaff. Your best customers are your gold. They are to be celebrated, nurtured, and most importantly modeled. Note the high-value behaviors best customers do and endeavor to understand why.Then, motivate the rest of your customers and your prospects to follow in those golden footsteps and you’ll find they lead to the outcomes you seek.