Weekly Roundup 2/11: Always moving

Welcome to the weekly roundup: a compilation of news, ideas and learnings from the SessionM world.  

Quote of the week: “Customer experiences and expectations are changing. Customers want connected experiences and everybody is facing this challenge…Between now and 2026, there is bound to be a four-fold increase in e-commerce. What is 10 percent of total sales today would go up to 40 percent. Brick-and-mortar players will require a different level of transformation” -Vivek Puri, Group Vice-President, at Publicis.Sapient

IYMI: Press Release

In case you missed it, SessionM Loyalty Marketing was included in Forrester’s “Now Tech: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q1 2019” report. Real-time interaction management is about delivering the best customer experience to the right customer at the right time, through the right channel. We’re doing just that for some of the world’s leading brands across verticals. Check out the full report!

They Keep Moving the Goal Line

Any excuse to use a football metaphor, right? In his most recent blog post, our CMO Patrick Reynolds dives into the businesses he is most loyal to and why. They range from American Express to his local mechanic, and as you can imagine, he is loyal to both for very different reasons. Check out Patrick’s checklist when it comes to customer loyalty, and why it takes more than just points to drive a customer’s engagement.

Keeping us on our toes

In the retail space, all everyone talks about is how to stay relevant in a world dominated by  Amazon. It’s a valid conversation, since the ecommerce giant is always one or two steps ahead of everyone and anyone. In June of 2018 they had about 95 million Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States alone, up from 85 million in June during the previous year. However, why would that be enough? In a recent Mobile Marketer article, they discuss Amazon’s recent launch of Amazon Moments, a new self-service loyalty offering which doles out both physical and digital rewards for marketers. This allows marketers go into Amazon Moments, identify the action they want to drive from a customer, choose the reward if the action is completed, and the rest is taken care of by Amazon. Moments is designed to drive high-value behaviors to create long lasting value, something every brand strives to do, and what we do here at SessionM.

See you there?

We have a busy social schedule coming up whether it be hosting, partnering, sponsoring, networking, and of course, talking with YOU! Next week we’re heading out to Sun Valley, Utah to the Marketing & Innovation Leadership Exchange. Then in March some of us will be at ShopTalk in Vegas with our partner Hathway, while our team in Europe will be at eTail Germany. Hope to see you there!