Weekly Roundup 3/4: Power of Personalization

Weekly Roundup 3/4

Welcome to the weekly roundup: a compilation of news, ideas and learnings from the SessionM world.  

Quote of the week: “In order to stand out in today’s retail marketplace, consumers expect highly personalized experiences when engaging with brands they love. Encounters on the retail floor have a huge impact on customer loyalty and even more powerfully so when personalization comes into play,” – Lars Albright, CEO of SessionM

New Partnership Alert:

We have partnered with Tulip to Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences in Retail Stores. What does this even mean? Think about when you go into a store, and a store associate is using a tablet to help look up merchandise, or even check you out. With SessionM and Tulip, store associates are now able to use that device to pull up your customer profile, your shopping history, what active offers you have, etc. Store associates that use Tulip can access rich customer information in real-time, to boost in-store engagements and drive deeper shopper loyalty. We’re excited to help these retailers take their customer experience to the next level!

Built to Last: Crafting the ultimate customer experience

Crafting a personalized customer experience isn’t easy. In a recent VentureBeat article, our CMO Patrick Reynolds uses a home improvement store example to demonstrate how you can craft and build a customer experience. Check out his “Home Improvement Checklist” to see how you can build loyal customer relationships!

How to Achieve Personalization with Learning and Optimization

You know achieving true 1:1 personalization is difficult when our own Director, Strategy & Analytics admits it. However, in his recent blog post, he goes into how SessionM approaches it to successfully tackle the challenge of personalizing marketing campaigns. It’s through a process called learning and optimization. Check it out!

Revamping loyalty

Customer Loyalty; there is always the question of how you can create more loyal and more profitable relationships with your customers. Customers are faced with so many choices of what to do, where to shop, how to shop, etc, that it’s important for brands to think about how they can come to mind first, and keep it that way. In the past year, we have been seeing brands “revamp” their existing loyalty programs. A recent retail-dive article pointed out that brands have been shying away from the loyalty card, taking a pay-to-play approach, and more than just the standard coupon. Brands are finally starting to realize that it goes beyond acquisition, and it depends on how you interact with your customers throughout their journey. If you’re not there yet, start with these three things to make your customers more loyal. The first step, determining what makes them churn. You have to look at your data to figure out when and why they are leaving you, in order to effectively get them to come back.