We’ve been named a Strong Performer

If you haven’t heard, Forrester released their 2019 Wave: Loyalty Technology Platforms this week. In other words, you have a shiny new Customer Loyalty Playbook at your fingertips! The report identifies the 13 most significant vendors in the loyalty space, and evaluates them against 28 different criteria. We are proud to announce that SessionM is included in the report (and as a strong performer no less!).  

One common theme in the report is that programmatic loyalty no longer works with consumers. There is a lot more to earning customer loyalty than points, or reinforcing shopping behaviors. That is our bread and butter at SessionM. We believe that true customer loyalty is the outcome of a hyper-personalized, data-driven experience. Although there is some steep competition in the space, we’re excited to be seen as a strong performer in the group.

In the report, Forrester suggests that loyalty marketers should seek providers that do three things:

  1. Transform data into Customer Insights

For example: “SessionM’s solution combines data, campaign, offer and loyalty management capabilities to help companies maximize the value of customer relationships…”

  1. Encourage Ease of Use:

For example: “Clients like the [SessionM] platform’s dynamic audience capability for segmentation, and one reference said they “love [SessionM’s] thinking and [the platform’s] ability to encourage specific behaviors from our customers.

  1. Enable Integration and Partnerships:

For example: “As Salesforce’s preferred loyalty provider for enterprises, SessionM’s solution tightly integrates with Salesforce’s marketing, service, and commerce clouds.”

While all three of these things are essential, number one is key; customer data is a goldmine for loyalty marketers, which is why it is so important in driving success. By combining the power of your customer data with machine learning, you can deliver more relevant and personalized engagements to motivate high value behavior.

So what exactly about SessionM makes us a strong loyalty performer? Our offerings include status and tiering, customer reward stores, menus and offers, earning velocity management by source, promotional codes, along with end-to-end support and reporting. You can dig a little deeper on the loyalty management portion of our website, and feel free to request a demo from there if you want to explore even more!

To read more about SessionM as a strong loyalty performer, check out the full report here!