What Can the 2018 World Cup Teach Us About Customer Loyalty?

What Can the 2018 World Cup Teach Us About Customer Loyalty?

Tune into any of the World Cup matches and you’ll be greeted by thousands of bedecked fans wildly cheering on their home country. It’s a fanatical display of affection and loyalty that brands and marketers dream of emulating. So what lessons and parallels can we draw when it comes to customer engagement?


I recently penned an article on the comparison for MKTGinsights. From the memorable Volkswagen commercials to England’s renewed efforts to engage with fans, we can see how true loyalty is only built by going beyond surface-level interactions. The format of the tournament itself shows us the importance of having all data points – the full picture of your customer. What some might call an alarming drop in viewership (thanks to notable teams like the U.S. missing this year’s dance), can actually be seen more as an opportunity and a lesson in targeting.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the beautiful game, there are valuable takeaways I hope you’ll consider. The full article can be found on MKTGinsights, here.

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