What to Expect: Your Journey at SessionM

Leah Murphy Sep 3, 2019

I signed my offer letter to join SessionM as a Talent Acquisition Specialist last November. It’s easy to say the past nine months have been a time of growth, learning, and continued support from leaders. SessionM fits the true essence of a globally scaling tech company, and will present you with many different challenges and incredible opportunities to achieve success during your time here. 

If you read that description and know that’s what you want in your next career move, keep reading to find out what it’s like to be new at SessionM!

Signed my offer – what next?

If you’ve had experience going through an interview process, you know it can be all of the following things: exciting, stressful, hopeful, frustrating, and ultimately – enlightening. We have all been there, and we do everything we can to make sure the process moves as efficiently as possible. When the stars align and you’ve decided SessionM is the perfect next step for your career, we won’t waste any time in getting you ramped up. Immediately following a signed offer letter, you’ll be added to our HR system to kick off the onboarding process. We do this to ensure that your entire first day isn’t spent filling out paperwork at your desk, and to help make your first day exciting and productive!

First day jitters? Not here!

The first day at a new job can be overwhelming, but here at SessionM we will have you set up and ready to go! Your desk (whether you choose stand-up or sit-down) will be outfitted with a laptop and SessionM swag (stickers, t-shirts, tumblers and coffee mugs). If you start on a Monday, you’ll be greeted by our catered breakfast (could be bagels, could be breakfast burritos, either way… it’s delicious)!

We pride ourselves on having thoughtful People & Culture, Talent Acquisition, and IT teams who are ready to assist you with all of your first-day needs. Here’s how you’ll spend the day:  

  • If you’re working in Boston, arrive at our office in the Seaport and our office manager is there ready to greet you as you walk off the elevator.
  • If you’re working in one of our other locations: Pittsburgh, Prague, London or Singapore, someone locally will help get you set-up, and connected to the onboarding teams.  
  • Receive an office tour, grab a coffee and nosh on some tasty breakfast while meeting other SessionMers.
  • Spend time meeting all of direct team members
  • Meet with our People & Culture team to square away any loose ends on the new hire paperwork you completed before today.
  • Over the next few days you will discuss short & long term goals with your manager
  • Leave the office feeling pumped and ready to attack the week! Welcome to SessionM!

Self-starters wanted!

A typical question a new-hire might have is, what does the training look like at SessionM? Our platform is innovative, complex, and making a huge impact in the market. So, how do you learn the specifics about what SessionM does and how we do it? 

Our general new hire training occurs once a quarter with all new hires who have started since the last session. Along with your new colleagues, you’ll sit down with various senior leaders, to learn about key areas of the business including the company vision, our sales pitch and detailed product training. 

In addition, depending on the team you are joining, there may be other more structured or team specific training. For smaller teams or newly defined roles, leaders identify key people around the organization for the new hire to meet relative to their role to provide more on-the-job training. SessionM is chock-full of self-starters, and those with entrepreneurial spirit. You will find yourself learning, collaborating and growing in a constantly evolving tech company.

If you find yourself thinking, this is the exact next challenge I’ve been looking for, I compel you to take a look at our job openings, and to reach out directly to our Talent Acquisition team for further discussion!