Omnichannel Customer Engagement

SessionM’s flexible data management capabilities enables brands to activate their customer data across all channels for more personalized and delightful experiences.

Powerful Multi-Channel Campaign Engagement

Without data latency, campaign execution for marketers is reduced to real-time for effective marketing at the moment of impact. Take action with an array of promotional and messaging campaign capabilities to drive customer behavior across the lifecycle.

Multichannel Campaign Engagement

Deliver a variety of messaging and promotional campaigns across each customer touchpoint

  • Utilize scheduled vs. triggered messaging

    Set campaigns to be deployed at a certain time, or triggered as customers take action

  • Send through preferred channel

    Email, SMS, Push, In-app messaging

  • Robust analytics & reporting

    Real-time performance measurements with closed-loop attribution to sales

Motivate Customer Behavior

Leverage SessionM’s Behavior Builder to motivate customers to complete high-value behaviors and reward them for their loyalty

  • Powerful promotion campaigns

    Leverage a roster of reward types to incentivize behaviors to complete a wide range of actions

  • SKU-based promotions

    Create promotions that map to the purchase of specific SKU or category of items

  • Enhance with a restrictions

    Restrict the promotion to a time of day, through a qualifying channel, with a minimum purchase and more

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