Customer Data Analytics

SessionM strives to make data actionable in real-time, with the goal of allowing marketers to create engagements powered by data that facilitates personalization on an individual customer level.

Overview of Customer Data Management

Every customer engagement begins with data and how it can be leveraged to make each customer more loyal and each engagement more profitable. Using purchase and activity history as well as other latent factors, the SessionM Platform is able to predict customer preferences that influence affinity, motivation, and intent to purchase.

Recency, Frequency, Spend

Send relevant messages to customers at the moment of impact to drive incremental spend. Target customers who have not purchased in 30 days with a special offer on his or her favorite product to get them back in the door, and at the same time send everyday purchasers an upsell offer to drive basket size

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Knowing each customer’s lifetime value helps marketers drive retention rates by driving targeted actions that are both relevant and timely. This calculation can be used in audience segmentation for special rewards or offers to motivate your most valuable customers to perform specific behaviors 

Churn Assessment

SessionM’s churn model looks at an individual’s historical transactions to understand their “normal” behaviors and cadence. As long as the normal behavior is maintained, churn probability will remain low. Once the model senses a negative deviation in that “normal” pattern, the churn probability will increase

Recommendation Scoring

Using matrix factorization techniques, SessionM’s recommendation engine generates personalized scores on a per-customer and per-product basis, without requiring extensive knowledge on either customer demographics or product attributes.

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