Loyalty Management

SessionM offers a full suite of technology and services to deliver a customized end-to-end loyalty marketing solution that makes your customers happier and your business more profitable

Data-Driven Loyalty

It’s not about rolling out loyalty programs for keeping score. It’s about rolling out customer experiences rooted in data that influence loyalty - and drive incremental revenue.

Below the Line Loyalty

Modern programs need to incorporate a core value proposition including both above the line and below the line tactics, as well as a broad mix of engagement motivators that offer targeted value to your consumers

  • Show

    By showing consumers that they are valued, whether that be through offering a more convenient experience, better service, a strategic rewards program, personalized engagement and/or transparency around social responsibility, it will drive incremental customer behavior through the roof.

  • Combine

    By combining above the line loyalty (points, tiers, evergreen benefits) with below the line (1-1 offers, micro-segmentation, product recommendations, surprise & delight, personalization, private tiers), you’ll begin to drive true customer loyalty.

  • Provide

    Provide customers with a number of ways to engage with your brand whether it be in-app, online or in-store to motivate different types of loyal behavior.


increase in spend compared to non-loyalty members


increase in frequency


reduction in churn

Loyalty as an Outcome

Loyalty is the outcome of knowing who customers are across all channels at all times, being able to meet and anticipate their needs, and recognizing them for their attention and spend as individuals.

  • Motivate

    By collecting customer data from all touchpoints and combining with machine learning, SessionM enables marketers to capture true value through personalized interactions that motivate high value behaviors.

  • Collect

    Motivate loyal behavior through status and tiering and defining unique entrance criteria for customers to influence spend, visits, points earned, and more.

  • Listen

    SessionM “listens” to every point of customer interaction allowing for the enrichment of each individual customer profile, feeding the AI and machine learning that generates more genuine, engaging and compelling customer interactions.

End to End Loyalty Support

We provide the support you need to help accomplish your loyalty objectives. With end-to-end loyalty management services, we support you at every stage — from planning a concept and developing a strategy, to executing a program and tracking your results.

  • Develop

    Develop custom communication plans to keep your target audience and customers actively engaged in your program.

  • Explore

    Explore new loyalty approaches through status & tiering, surprise and delight, Stored Value Cards, and SessionM’s configurable reward store.

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