The Value of
Personalized Engagement

There are tangible economic benefits to increasing customer loyalty. Churn decreases. Customer Satisfaction increases. Acquisition cost decreases. Profitability increases. Keeping and growing customers is key to your business economics.

More than two-thirds of respondents said an offer just for them is more important than a promotion sent to everyone.

eMarketer, Customer Experience Roundup How Digital Factors Are Fueling More Personalized Content (August 2018)

Customer Data Analytics

Whether you subscribe to the 80/20 rule or not, it’s clear that your best customers are economic engines for your business. Understanding what each customer has done and is doing (even at this exact moment) enables you to calculate the next best offer or engagement to maximize lifetime value potential for every customer.

RFM Metrics

Every customer’s Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value to date (RFM) is always accessible and current. This informs everything from offer creation to service call escalation protocols.

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Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Through Machine Learning and AI algorithms, each customer’s forward looking economic potential can be calculated and updated with each new purchase. Each customer engagement can then be governed accordingly.

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Churn Assessment

There are certain behaviors (returns, service calls, declining frequency…) that are early indicators of potential churn. The absence of data, little or no signs of engagement, can indicate the same risk. Score each customer’s risk and act before churn occurs.

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Recommend­ation Scoring

The SessionM Platform can pair Products or Services with their ideal audience at the individual customer or segment level, maximizing sale price and profitability.

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Customer Data Management

As each customer creates data, it’s streamed into the platform, stored in the cloud, and operationalized for use across any of your departments and systems.

POS Offer Management

Our platform uses Machine Learning to augment your own data to determine the right offer to get the job done for each customer.

Campaigns & Engagement

The SessionM platform allows you to create, deploy, manage and optimize multiple campaigns simply and efficiently.

SessionM's partnership with Salesforce digital marketing software connects interactions from any channel or device and combines customer data and behaviors to create real-time relevant communication.


The SessionM platform complements Hathway's digital consulting and experience design work, helping brands to create long-term customer relationships and personalized experiences across content, commerce and loyalty.


SessionM works with Movable Ink's Visual Experience Platform to enable best-in-class brands to deliver real-time experiences that are always up-to-date, right to the customer's inbox.

Movable Ink

SessionM's leading technology coupled with DEG's vast depth of knowledge from developing and evaluating a broad spectrum of website design, ecommerce and digital marketing strategy, delivers innovative solutions for the world's top brands.