Omnichannel Customer Engagement

SessionM’s data management capabilities allow you to determine the next best product, offer or experience for each individual customer throughout all your channels.

The platform garnered Good scores across all critical capabilities, with particular strengths in audience segmentation, event-triggered engagement and real-time offers. Its audience module supports multidimensional segmentation to enable more targeted engagement.

Gartner Critical Capabilities for Mobile Marketing Platforms (October 2018)


Personalized, Relevant Outreach

You know who your customers are. Using one intuitive platform, through push notifications, email and in-app messages, deliver the types of personalized experiences that show your customers you care about their loyalty.

Win at Moments of Impact

Focus on driving incremental value on a per customer basis in addition to rewarding existing behavior by guiding specific behaviors with action-based promotions to drive a specific SKU purchase, increasing frequency, or refer a friend.

Drive Behavioral Change

No two customers are the same. Their experience shouldn’t be either. Drive incremental spend and advocacy by delivering personalized customer journeys drive high value behaviors.


incremental revenue in a single campaign through machine learning for retail client


increase in purchases of targeted product via email campaign for QSR client


increase in spend on campaign targeted at new enrollments for CG client

SessionM’s Loyalty Platform is packed with loyalty management and marketing capabilities. Clients like the platform’s dynamic audience capability for segmentation, and one reference said they “Love SessionM’s thinking and the platform’s ability to encourage specific behaviors from their customers.

Forrester The Forrester Wave: Loyalty Technology Platforms (April 2019)