Cross-Channel Data Ingestion

The SessionM platform prepares and ingests the initial customer data set as well as any subsequent data from ongoing transactions using a variety of methods.

cross channel data ingestion
Initial Data Ingestion

SessionM Sync, an Extract, Translate, and Load layer (ETL) is provided for the high-speed ingestion of data sources, such as customer data, product catalog/menu data, and venue data. This ETL layer is a general purpose tool that enables the creation or update of multiple records quickly (>100/s). SessionM Sync closely monitors ETL processing and is able to generate reports/alerts based on status changes or failures.

data quality management
Quality Assessment

The SessionM Solutions Team first analyzes the data for quality and consistency. This process dictates the amount of data hygiene that needs to be applied to the initial ingest and the rules that must be applied to any ongoing ingest.

Supported POS Integrations

SessionM has pre-built integrations with a number of POS systems to enable near real time streaming of all loyalty and non-loyalty transaction details into the SessionM Platform for loyalty point awarding and sales, offer, and customer level reporting.

Ecommerce Adapter

The Ecommerce Adapter processes purchase transactions submitted via the platform’s server-to-server API, and can execute campaign orchestration against that information. The adapter also transmits offer and discount data as part of the transaction processing.


Application Programming Interfaces are provided to enable the ingest of data. These cover data representing customers, catalogs/menus, stores/venues and other data streams or entities. APIs are provided for several different data models.