Real-Time Data Orchestration

The SessionM platform extends the value of customer data management by offering a proprietary rules engine that can trigger the orchestration of data both through the platform or externally to third party systems.

real time audience segmentation dashboard
Real-Time Segmentation

Create dynamic audience segments based on calculated metrics or behaviors that update in real-time as customers take action. Create audiences to target specific customers, whether they are at risk of churn, purchase frequently, or have a high lifetime value — execute an engaging strategy at scale.

customer engagement platform
Personalized Campaigns

Increase campaign time-to-value by orchestrating seamless engagements in real time. SessionM has native engagement capabilities enabling marketers to send engagement via push, SMS, in-app, and more.

Offers & Loyalty

Offers can be triggered in real time based on customer behavior, point or tier status, or based on an annual event such as a birthday or anniversary. Offers are redeemable across e-commerce platforms or at the in store point of sale.