Single Customer View

SessionM bridges data from different channels and systems through cleansing and matching processes to create a single customer profile that is instantly accessible and operationalized for use across all customer facing operations.

single customer view
Data Cleansing and Matching

In e-commerce or retail environments, it’s common for a customers to create multiple accounts or identities using different email addresses, while all other contact information, such as cell phone number or home address, remains the same. Using Deterministic Matching, SessionM merges duplicate accounts to create a single customer profile, but enables the flexibility for different departments within the organization to create custom views into that singular profile depending on their need, function or permission.

unified customer profile
Orchestrate Data and Uncover Insights

Once data has been ingested and cleansed, it is enriched with calculated data, enabling you to score customers dynamically based on key metrics like recency, frequency, spend, LTV, churn propensity, or product specific tagging.

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