Single Customer View

SessionM bridges data from different channels and systems through cleansing and matching processes to create a single customer profile that is instantly accessible and operationalized for use across all customer facing operations.

single customer view
Unified Customer Profiles

SessionM ingests, unifies and enriches data streaming into the platform from a variety of touchpoints. Declared, observed and predictive data is tied to each individual customer profile, and updated as customers take action. Afforded with a deeper understanding of customer behavior helps marketing, customer service and in-store staff deliver smarter and more personalized interactions.

unified customer profile
Orchestrate Data and Uncover Insights
Declared: Information a customer has entered of their own volition, typically during account creation or when modifying their information.
Observed: Data obtained when a customer engages with your brand, such as making a purchase or redeeming an offer.
Predictive: Values that are established through observing and predicting customer behavior. Predictive data includes metrics on customer lifetime value and risk of churn as well as historical data, such as customer recency, frequency and spend.