Loyalty Management

SessionM offers a full suite of technology and services to deliver a customized end-to-end loyalty marketing solution that makes your customers happier and your business more profitable.

It’s not about rolling out loyalty programs for keeping score. It’s about rolling out customer experiences rooted in data that influence loyalty – and drive incremental revenue.


Loyalty as an Outcome

Loyalty is the outcome of knowing who customers are across all channels at all times, being able to meet and anticipate their needs, and recognizing them for their attention and spend as individuals.

One, Intuitive Platform

“Specifically, its loyalty module provides strong support for defining and managing different loyalty tiers, engagement rules, promo codes and offers.” Gartner, Critical Capabilities for Mobile Marketing Platforms (October 2018)

Personalized Experiences

By collecting customer data from all touchpoints and combining with machine learning, SessionM enables marketers to capture true value through personalized interactions that motivate high value behaviors.

Analytics and Reporting

View audience composition, retention and churn metrics, status and tiers reporting and other key performance indicators in one dashboard.

Below the Line

Modern programs need to incorporate a core value proposition including hard benefits (discounts), soft benefits (personalized experiences) and utility, as well as a broad mix of engagement motivators that offer targeted value to your consumers.


overall loyalty program ROI for a retail client


higher purchase frequency among loyalty members for a retail client


in annual EBITDA impact for retail client

Loyalty management is SessionM's key strength. Its loyalty module provides support for defining and managing different loyalty tiers, engagement rules, promo codes and offers. These attributes can be appended to user profiles, and combined with purchase, engagement and location data to inform campaign delivery across email, web, SMS, push notifications and other channels. Multidimensional segmentation of customer data enables targeted engagement.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms, July 2018