POS Offer Management

Improving ROI and customer experiences are a top priority for everyone. That’s why SessionM offers a solution that connects its omnichannel marketing automation and loyalty management capabilities with Point of Sale (POS) systems. The ability to create the offer, recognize it at POS, and calculate the offer’s impact in real-time is game changing. (Some might argue it’s life changing, but we don’t want to overpromise.)


  • Enhanced Customer View

    A full view of each customer allows you to adopt an agile Loyalty Management strategy. You may decide recognizing and rewarding non-purchase behaviors like referring a friend or attending an event are extremely motivating for some customers and can augment defined purchase-based transactional programs to keep customers earning and engaged between transactions. With a full view of each customer, you can use the right incentives to drive the incrementality you’re looking for.

  • Loyalty at the Moment of Impact

    A full view of your customers allows you to implement an agile loyalty management strategy. At SessionM, we help you create a tailored loyalty program that drives incremental high-value behaviors, frequency and spend by incentivizing and rewarding customers for their actions beyond spend.

  • Experience Orchestration

    Consumer loyalty is an outcome of intelligent experience design. With so much more information than simple purchase history, you’re able to lead the perfect customer journey for each customer.


incremental spend per offer for a QSR client


incremental spend generated per targeted offer


higher ticket size among loyalty members for a QSR

Case Study

“SessionM garners praise from references for the quality of its team, hands-on involvement with deployment and integration, responsive support, and robust reporting capabilities. Several references note that SessionM is instrumental in helping drive incremental revenue and improving customer experience.”

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms, July 2018

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