Loyalty Solutions for Consumer Brands

Consumer brands need help forging direct relationships rooted in a transparent give and take. Luckily this is where SessionM truly differentiates itself from other solutions in the industry and helps gather first-party data through personalized direct to consumer experience.


increase in ROI after 1 year


ROI from test and learn campaigns


increase in spend on campaigns targeted at new engagements

Unify Customer Data 

With the same consumer goods existing in a number of different retail stores, it can be difficult to map the customer’s full journey and interactions with the brand. SessionM‘s platform collects and unifies customer data from a number of sources, such as attribution channels, eCommerce platforms, third party marketing platforms and more to create an operational single customer profile that can be leveraged across channels to deliver personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints. 

Forge Direct Relationships with Your Customers 

No direct relationship exists between Consumer Goods brands and their consumers as the goods are sold through separate retailers and a barrier is placed between the two parties. Through the SessionM platform, Consumer Goods brands can gather real-time first party data so the customer is recognized as an individual rather than part of a larger segment. SessionM enables brands to tailor customer engagements with an array of hyper-personalized messaging options and map the customer journey across multiple offline and online channels

Personalize Offers & Incentivize Purchases

Encourage customers to perform specific, high-value behaviors using targeted campaigns and offers. The SessionM platform allows brands to create rich segments of customers using demographic and behavioral data as well as calculated metrics such as customer lifetime value and propensity to churn. With the ability to push a personalized offer to a customer’s mobile phone and track the resulting behavior (ex. store check-in or purchase verification), brands can instantly see the effects of a marketing campaign

Build Creative Loyalty Programs to Unlock Customer Data 
Loyalty programs are the best way to establish a direct relationship with a consumer and for making an unknown customer known, while providing a reason for customers to consistently engage with a brand. Unlock loyalty and transactional data to provide the kind of personalized engagements that increase customer frequency and spend. Develop a comprehensive tiering strategy to keep customers engaged with a loyalty program long after their join date. Define tier entrance criteria, tier purchase or behavior benefits, and tier maintenance criteria in minutes all within the SessionM Platform. 
Receipt Scanning

Allow consumers to scan a receipt and be rewarded with points or offers for the products they purchase at any store. 

Promo Codes

Provide consumers with certain promo codes to drive different purchase behaviors. Append data to the customer profile when the promo is redeemed to use in subsequent marketing campaigns.