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The SessionM platform creates personalized engagement that leads to consumer loyalty in a mobile-forward world.


Why It Works

From next-generation CRM tools, sophisticated segmentation, in-app messaging, push notifications and real-time dashboards, the SessionM Mobile Marketing Cloud does it all.

See how our technology can boost your consumers' loyalty. 

SessionM Audience Management

Get a single view of your customer in real time by streaming data across multiple channels.

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SessionM Real-Time Rules Engine

Lead your customer from one high value behavior to the next by setting up rules-based marketing.

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SessionM Loyalty as a Behavior

Building brand loyalty is more than a transactional program; it’s the outcome of a rewarding, personalized experience with real-time engagement.

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SessionM Personalized Campaigns & Delivery

Rules-based workflows trigger personalized messages and campaigns to specific customer segments or an individual customer.

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QSR: Industry Challenges & SessionM’s Solutions

To differentiate themselves, quick service and fast casual restaurants need to develop a customer journey and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for today’s mobile-forward world.  With this in mind, SessionM built a platform from the ground up that gives brands the tools to understand their audience’s behaviors and actions and trigger real-time, personalized messages at the moment of impact.

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