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Loyalty isn’t just about retaining customers and decreasing churn — it’s about creating a two-way relationship with your customers.


Create More Loyal Customers

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  • Refer-A-Friend
  • Status & Tiers
  • Rewards & Points

How It Works

Loyalty isn’t just about retaining customers and decreasing churn — it’s about creating a two-way relationship with your customers. SessionM offers a full suite of technology and services to deliver a customized end-to-end loyalty marketing solution.



  • Points and Rewards

    Award consumers with loyalty points or currency for transactions and other high value behaviors such as engaging with or sharing digital content, checking in at events, taking surveys, rating products or referring a friend. Manage a customized rewards redemption catalog by reward type, such as electronic gift cards, promotional codes, physical merchandise, contest entries and charitable donations.

  • Status and Tiering

    Enable consumers to unlock program benefits by reaching key milestones. Define rules for tier entry, exit and maintenance. Associate unique benefits to each tier. Leverage multivariate testing to optimize tiering and benefit structures.

  • Promo Codes

    Retain and reward your best customers while they help you acquire more customers like them. Generate unique, single-use promo codes (P1712-7153-QWSR) to acquire new customers via refer-a-friend program or create multi-use, vanity promo codes (FALL2017).

Use Case

Top Consumer Packaged Goods Brand

Creating an Engaging Experience for A Consumer Packaged Goods Brand

Problem to Solve:

One of the most recognizable brands in the consumer packaged goods industry wanted to better engage with their customers, and in a more timely matter. They needed to improve their campaign set-up time to customers – it was currently taking three hours to process information and execute with relevant messaging. They also needed to better engage with customers with a rewards program that could send personalized offers and content in real time. Their rewards program needed to be able to process eligibility rules in real time to keep a consistent and accurate experience for the customer.

How SessionM solved the problem:

SessionM provides this consumer packaged goods brand with a real-time rules engine to power engagement activities based on consumer actions. With SessionM, this client can now drive deeper engagement and personalization for their app. Campaign execution time has been dramatically reduced with the improved workflow efficiencies.

A customer can also see their progress in a specific campaign: if the goal of the campaign is to redeem 6 codes, they can instantly see how many they have already redeemed, and what else they may be qualified for – driving engagement and encouraging additional redemption.