Customers demand immediate value and relevancy in their mobile moments. 


Together, we work with Partners to strategize and develop mobile-forward, customer-centric solutions for the world's biggest brands.

Partner Opportunities

Digital Transformation Planning

Assess your organization’s digital maturity to get your products, people and processes set up for success.

Technology Implementation 

SessionM's technology gathers data across all channels to create a central, single view of each customer and trigger real-time, personalized mobile engagements at the moment of impact.

Integrate with Existing Providers 

Successful SessionM implementations frequently include integration to other marketing technology solutions such as Web Content Management platforms, Point of Sales systems, Identity and Access solutions and Customer Relationship Management platforms.

Strategy and Development

From building a customer journey to implementing a mobile-first loyalty program, SessionM can help your brand create a consumer-centric experience that delivers value and engages with customers in a way that's relevant to them.

See how our technology can boost your consumers' loyalty: 


SessionM Real-Time Rules Engine

Lead your customer from one high value behavior to the next by setting up rules-based marketing.

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SessionM Personalized Campaigns & Delivery

Rules-based workflows trigger personalized messages and campaigns to specific customer segments or an individual customer.

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SessionM Loyalty as a Behavior

Building brand loyalty is more than a transactional program; it’s the outcome of a rewarding, personalized experience with real-time engagement.

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