Customer Engagement and Loyalty Platform

The SessionM Platform is purpose-built to increase customer loyalty through delivering superior personalized experiences rooted in customer data. Working together, each element of the platform enhances the loyalty, profitability, and satisfaction of your customers.

Primary Components

Deliver unique offers or discounts tailored to each customer's lifetime value, purchase history or any other appropriate markers you designate.

Legendary Technology
Driving Engagement

The SessionM platform pulls in data from a vast array of sources and then executes in response to that customer behavior across an equally vast number of channels and technologies. With more than two-hundred engineers, data scientists, and strategists working every day to develop new ways to make even greater impacts, your customers will always feel known and valued, and you’ll always feel a step ahead of the competition.

Comprehensive Onboarding Process

Getting off to a fast start and seeing results right away is critical to us and to you. We work with leading brands of all shapes and sizes around the globe, and we leverage that experience to get you up and running efficiently so you can realize value as quickly as possible.

Meet your team

Every SessionM client is supported by a team of specialists dedicated to the launch, maintenance and continued success of your program.

Establish goals

We identify key customer segments to deliver incremental value to the business and devise an optimization strategy.

Design the approach

We systematically develop, test and optimize engagement strategies with an eye toward longer-term value creation.


Our Software is legendary. So are our people. Every SessionM client is supported by a team of experts dedicated to the launch, maintenance and continued success of your program. We’ll give you an overview of all the tools and make sure you know how to use them. From program design, through testing and optimization with our proprietary ROI modeling, our people are committed to your success.

Loyalty management is SessionM's key strength. Its loyalty module provides support for defining and managing different loyalty tiers, engagement rules, promo codes and offers. These attributes can be appended to user profiles, and combined with purchase, engagement and location data to inform campaign delivery across email, web, SMS, push notifications and other channels. Multidimensional segmentation of customer data enables targeted engagement.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms, July 2018

With SessionM, the stream of customer information is like opening up a spigot. Now we know what you bought, where, and when so we can tailor promotions.

Jose Corella Senior Brand Manager, Kimberly Clark

SessionM delivers programs that treat loyalty as an outcome, not a tactic. In the past few years, SessionM pivoted from offering a coalition loyalty program for mobile applications to a larger, enterprise-focused loyalty and mobile engagement platform...The clients we spoke with like SessionM’s specialized approach, speed to market, and capable account teams.

Forrester Customer Loyalty Solutions (September 2017)