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Calculate the most impactful customer experience and deliver it across any of your channels in real time with triggered campaigns or at the right time with scheduled ones.

customer engagement platform

Driving High Value Behavior to Win Moments of Impact

You can execute campaigns natively through the SessionM platform or use the platform as an orchestration hub for other executional components in your marketing stack. In either case, when the customer’s ready to engage, you’ll be ready to delight.


campaign engagement management
campaign engagement management

Use Case

Making Fast Data for Fast Action
The Problem

One of the largest quick service restaurants in the US understood the value of a loyalty program and had one in place, but it was costing them too much to operate with a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. All customers, regardless of loyalty status or personal preference, received the same offers and discounts.

The result? A loss of potential revenue because customers were receiving discounts for products they would have purchased anyway. Instead, the quick service restaurant needed to drive additional revenue from regular customers, and entice those who were at risk of churn to come back into the restaurant. They also needed to speed up their campaign execution to be able to deploy based on short term events like weather changes or surprise promotions. When a campaign was executed, awards would not be available to customers immediately, resulting in heavy volume for the Customer Call Center.

SessionM's Solution

The core of the problem was a lack of understanding of who their customers were and how to accurately track behavior. First, this quick service restaurant needed to sync customer data in real time from various sources in order to create unique 360-degree profiles. Integration with First Data allowed SessionM to extract purchase data for every SKU in real time.

With SessionM, data is combined and organized into profiles and this global QSR can implement an engagement strategy based on previous purchase behavior, driving additional purchases for products and more frequent visits. The QSR can now execute smarter campaigns, offering discounts or promotions on items customers aren’t regularly buying. The time to set up a campaign has been reduced dramatically – from weeks to real-time, increasing efficiency and capitalizing on customer habits.

Customers are now rewarded in real time after achieving challenges or promotions, reducing calls into the Customer Call Center and saving the organization money.

Other Primary Components

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