Customer Engagement Platform

Deliver the most impactful customer experience across any of your channels in real time with triggered campaigns or at the right time with scheduled ones.

customer engagement platform
One Complete Engagement Tool  

With SessionM, marketers can create promotional campaigns and configure messaging through email, SMS, in-app notifications, and through external messaging providers, all in one platform. 

Leverage Customer Data to Drive Impactful Campaigns

Customer data is ingested and unified in one place in real time, providing marketers with the ability to target and trigger campaigns based on specific attributes or behaviors. Equipped with unified customer data, marketers can target and trigger campaigns based on a number of specific attributes or behaviors. 

Orchestrate Personalized Cross Channel Campaigns

It is critical to leverage a cross-channel marketing strategy to successfully engage and retain customers. Deploy cross-channel communications via email, SMS, push, and in-app messaging to take immediate action for the highest impact.

Create Dynamic Rules to Increase Engagement 

Build compelling engagements by rewarding customers for completing a specific behavior or series of behaviors. Design and target campaigns based on any combination of attributes found in the customer profile. 


Use Case

Making Fast Data for Fast Action
The Problem

In 2016, this industry leader had established themselves as a dominant player in the food and beverage industry and was looking to become a market leader in the digital space. Leveraging digital channels such as mobile, web, and social media platforms to increase its touch-points with their customers, the company needed a way to integrate these channels into existing physical operations to create a cohesive experience for customers to engage with the brand. They started by adopting customer-centric digital strategies, such as free Wi-Fi in stores and a mobile application, which helped the company adapt and drive traffic into their stores. What they lacked, however, was a detailed picture of each customer from which they could execute personalized offers or trigger smarter interactions. This fan-favorite company needed a vendor that could unify data from disparate systems to create actionable customer profiles and power a data-driven approach to loyalty. 

SessionM's Solution

Using the SessionM Platform has helped this leading brand drastically improve their entire marketing process and strategy. Intelligent customer segmentation in the Platform enables the brand to create a number of dynamic and static audiences based on transactional and behavioral data, without the need for extensive IT resources. Equipped with powerful segmentation capabilities helps the brand craft and deploy a variety of messaging and promotional campaigns intended to motivate specific customer behaviors. Afforded with the ability to use a number of different offer types and loyalty point rewards, the brand is able to reward customers for registering for the loyalty program, reloading their stored card, or completing certain behavioral or transactional challenges. 

Other Primary Components

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