Customer Data Management

Fusing machine-learning, real-time decisioning, and an ability to deliver messages, offers, or loyalty tactics across any channel, marketers are able to create smarter interactions that drive incremental behaviors and profit.

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“With so many customers oscillating between phones, tablets, game consoles, desktops & laptops, many marketers are desperate for a unified view of the customer.”

Gartner Marketer’s Guide to CDPs (May 2018)

The ability to ingest, cleanse, and augment huge quantities of data from multiple sources is at the very heart of the SessionM Platform.

Our ability to create a single full view profile for each customer allows you to deliver the kind of personalized engagements that makes your customer more loyal, profitable, and satisfied.


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Purchase Propensity

Getting the right offer in front of the right person at the right time requires a deep understanding of each customer’s propensity to purchase. Rank each customer's likelihood to buy at the individual SKU or product category level with standard included data models or by importing existing client-specific ones.

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Dynamic Segmentation

Forget big, broad segments that are only updated monthly, quarterly or yearly. Dynamically segment customers according to real-time data feeds of information such as location, purchase history, lifetime value or other key markers.

Use Case

On Premise Communication to Customers with Personalized Messaging
The Problem

A high profile hotel was collecting customer information from multiple touch points: the spa, restaurants, POS systems, check-in, etc. but the amount of time it took to organize data and feed it into unified customer profiles was approximately 72 hours. The hotel had several legacy technologies that were not talking to each other, making one view of each customer impossible. With an average customer spending 48 hours on-premise, the hotel was missing a significant opportunity to capitalize on customer spend by sending messages long after customers left.

SessionM's Solution

With SessionM, the hotel can now sync data from various sources: check-in, the restaurant on-premise, the night club, and the casino. The data is synced from several legacy platforms into one view in real time, allowing them to trigger promotions to customers while they are still on-premise. The hotel educed the time to unify data sources into one unique customer record from 72 hours to real time.

Employees from around the hotel interact with the platform: desk managers, the concierge, private butlers, and casino hosts – the combination of all this interaction provides a tremendous amount of detail around customers and creates a 360-degree profile, giving this hotel the ability to trigger highly targeted engagement.

Other Primary Components

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