Customer Data Management

Fusing machine-learning, real-time decisioning, and an ability to deliver messages, offers, or loyalty tactics across any channel, marketers are able to create smarter interactions that drive incremental behaviors and profit.

With so many customers oscillating between phones, tablets, game consoles, desktops & laptops, many marketers are desperate for a unified view of the customer.

Gartner Marketer’s Guide to CDPs (May 2018)

The ability to ingest, cleanse, and augment huge quantities of data from multiple sources is at the very heart of the SessionM Platform.

Our ability to create a single full view profile for each customer allows you to deliver the kind of personalized engagements that makes your customer more loyal, profitable, and satisfied.

Integration of Disparate Data Sources 

SessionM integrates with disparate systems to accelerate the collection of data to empower downstream marketing systems. Data is orchestrated from systems such as: mobile app/mobile ordering, ecommerce, CRM, POS systems, and more to form one complete, actionable profile per customer. 

Create a Single Customer View 

SessionM bridges data from different channels and systems through cleansing and matching processes to create a single customer view that is instantly accessible and operationalized for customer engagement. Data captured from different channels and systems is surfaced in an individual customer profile, alongside a number of predictive metrics and actions taken by each individual. 

Orchestrate Data and Uncover Insights

The SessionM customer data platform ingests, filters, and enriches data from multiple sources to create a real-time customer view. Once data has been ingested and cleansed, it is enriched through a series of flows enabling you to score customers dynamically based on key metrics like recency, frequency, spend, LTV, churn propensity, or product specific tagging. 

Advanced Data Privacy Controls 

SessionM is engineered to provide companies around the world with the tools needed to be data compliant. The platform is purpose built to handle all customer requests under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and upcoming data privacy laws and regulations. 


Enhanced Analytics

Break down audience metrics to cohorts or a single customer view to understand retention rates, lifetime value and other vital metrics and trends.

Full View Profiles

Create a single source of truth for each and every customer that’s always up-to-date and accessible to anyone in the organization you choose. Leverage real-time APIs to stream transactional and behavioral data from disparate systems including retail point-of-sale, e-commerce, customer care, website and mobile app platforms into a single profile in the cloud.

Actionable Data

Having an actionable customer profile is only beneficial if you can actually act on it when you need to. Ingest data from various sources as it is created, update profiles in real time, and make them operational in other systems for engagement and analytics.

Customer Scoring

With each successive customer action, dynamically update the customer’s score based on likelihood to buy or churn. Score customers based on key metrics like recency, frequency, spend, lifetime value, churn propensity, or tag specific products to create hyper-targeted segments for personalized outreach.

Purchase Propensity

Getting the right offer in front of the right person at the right time requires a deep understanding of each customer’s propensity to purchase. Rank each customer's likelihood to buy at the individual SKU or product category level with standard included data models.

Dynamic Segmentation

Forget big, broad segments that are only updated monthly, quarterly or yearly. Dynamically segment customers according to real-time data feeds of information such as location, purchase history, lifetime value or other key markers.

Use Case

On Premise Communication to Customers with Personalized Messaging
The Problem

A well known fast casual restaurant was preparing to relaunch their loyalty program. However, they had very little data on their customers, and could only connect transactions to customers who ordered through their mobile channels. Lacking the ability to collect and activate data left them unable to collect any information on customer preferences, behavior, and demographics, preventing them from creating targeted messaging and campaigns engineered to increase customer spend. 

SessionM's Solution

With SessionM as their customer engagement and loyalty platform, the fast casual’s customer data is now unified in a  centralized location to provide richer insights on individual behavior. Improving customer data collection enables SessionM to build segmented audiences and deploy personalized messages through the restaurant’s email, SMS and push messaging channels. In addition, SessionM handles all point functionality for the revamped loyalty program, enabling the restaurant to issue bonus points to customers for completing a certain behavior or series of behaviors.   

Other Primary Components