Customer Loyalty Platform

Loyalty isn’t just about retaining customers and decreasing churn — it’s about creating a two-way relationship with your customers. SessionM offers a full suite of technology and services to deliver a customized end-to-end loyalty marketing solution.

loyalty platform

“One of the benefits of merging loyalty data and technology with the rest of the marketing stack is the opportunity to know customers, improve one-to-one marketing and personalize experiences. Gartner estimates that, by 2020, smart personalization engines used to recognize customer intent will enable digital businesses to increase profits by up to 15%.”

Gartner Market Guide for Loyalty Management (October 2018)

Most brands understand the value of loyalty, but few get it right.

Offering generic, one-size- fits all loyalty tactics fail to attract customers and are costly for brands. Loyalty programs must keep customers at the core and motivate incremental  spend, frequency and engagement. SessionM’s loyalty program software enables marketers to capture true value by predicting optimal offers and personalized experiences to motivate high value behaviors.

Customer Loyalty Software Features

loyalty point economy dashboard
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loyalty point economy dashboard
loyalty point economy dashboard
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End-to-End Loyalty Program Support

We support you at every stage—from planning a concept and developing a strategy, to executing a program and tracking your results. Any time you have a question, we’re here to help.

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Loyalty Analytics and Reporting

Understand which customers are your best performers and how to optimize future offers and campaigns to maximize lifetime value and your results.

Use Case

Creating an Engaging Experience for A Consumer Packaged Goods Brand
The Problem

One of the most recognizable brands in the consumer packaged goods industry wanted to better engage with their customers, and in a more timely matter. They needed to improve their campaign set-up time to customers – it was currently taking three hours to process information and execute with relevant messaging. They also needed to better engage with customers with a rewards program that could send personalized offers and content in real time. Their rewards program needed to be able to process eligibility rules in real time to keep a consistent and accurate experience for the customer.

SessionM's Loyalty Solution

SessionM provides this consumer packaged goods brand with a real-time rules engine to power engagement activities based on consumer actions. With SessionM, this client can now drive deeper engagement and personalization for their app. Campaign execution time has been dramatically reduced with the improved workflow efficiencies.

A customer can also see their progress in a specific campaign: if the goal of the campaign is to redeem 6 codes, they can instantly see how many they have already redeemed, and what else they may be qualified for – driving engagement and encouraging additional redemption.

Other Primary Components

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Making your data actionable so you can make your customers more loyal and profitable.

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