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The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Create a unique offer for each customer, deliver it through their preferred channel, verify eligibility and take the discount right at the point-of-sale through one platform. Closed Loop Offers can be your secret sauce to moving the needle quickly.

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Personalized Offers at the Moment of Impact

SessionM has developed direct integrations with the majority of leading point of sale systems. This enables our customers to combine POS data with SessionM’s engagement capabilities to automatically deliver a unique customer offer or discount, verify customer eligibility right at the POS, and seamlessly discount transactions at the register in real time.


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Use Case

Increasing Point-of-Sale Efficiency and Eliminating Generic Rewards
The Problem

A large regional restaurant was having trouble verifying loyalty program customers at the point-of-sale, resulting in a cumbersome process for employees. They were also giving away rewards to customers who would pay full price normally, since they did not have an accurate way to determine customer behavior. As they began to rapidly expand throughout the southeast, they needed a way to track purchases right at the point-of-sale seamlessly, and they needed to find a way to reward loyal customers without losing money.

SessionM's Solution

The client wanted a turnkey app-based loyalty solution to allow them to reward their guests and encourage their next visit with a personalized offer. With SessionM, their app directly integrates with their point-of-sale system – enabling them to create real-time offers. An offer can be verified and seamlessly discounted at the register without disrupting operations. As a result, the restaurant increased check sizes by 14% by leveraging closed loop offers.

Other Primary Components

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