Offer Management

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Create a unique offer for each customer, deliver it through their preferred channel, verify eligibility and take the discount right at the point-of-sale through one platform. Closed Loop Offers can be your secret sauce to moving the needle quickly.

Update Customer Profiles in Real Time 

Combine customer data you’re collecting from various sources into one profile - which can be included in as many segments as you want, based on attributes. 

Trigger Campaigns Based on Actions 

Create targeted outreach based on customer preferences, actions and location through your app or email. 

Personalize Customer Rewards 

Deliver rewards unique to customers based on their purchase history and behavior. Surprise and delight customers with rewards they weren’t expecting. 

Provide Closed Looped Offers at Point of Sale 

Create single use coupon codes that can be sent  to customers and redeemed at the POS. Gain real time visibility into discounts as they are redeemed and see product movement in your dashboard. 

Engagement and Loyalty Platform for Restaurants & QSRs

The world’s most successful restaurants are using the SessionM Platform to drive more frequent visits, higher spend and deeper brand engagement.


Use Case

Increasing Point-of-Sale Efficiency and Eliminating Generic Rewards
The Problem

A large quick service restaurant was utilizing printed physical coupons to engage with their customers. This made it very difficult for the chain to track and measure the performance of their customer engagement program. Generic offers resulted in a missed opportunity for generating additional revenue out of customers who would have purchased anyway, and didn’t encourage menu exploration or additional visits to locations. Additionally,they could not access transaction data from the point of sale, rendering them unable to leverage data to develop more engaging, data-driven and personalized interactions with customers.

SessionM's Solution

An integration with the Restaurant’s POS system enables their marketers to deploy SessionM-powered offers, redeemable in real-time at the point of sale. The Restaurant leverages SessionM’s powerful offer management functionality to incentivize a number of high value behaviors from their customers, such as signing up for their rewards program, purchasing specific menu items or purchasing a combination of menu items. 

Other Primary Components

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