Strategy and Design

No two customers are the same. The same is true of clients.

Key Offerings

Loyalty Program Design

  • We will map strategies and tactics to your specific KPIs to drive maximum incremental benefit.
Campaign Strategy
  • We'll design a 'Test and Learn' program that gets you to maximum benefit for each customer and minimum cost.
  • We deliver in-depth performance assessment each quarter with trends, insights and recommendations.

  • Loyalty Program Design

    We will develop a loyalty program that is highly relevant to your brand, rooted in best practices, and structured to drive incrementality.

  • Campaign Strategy

    We will create a campaign strategy that leverages learning & optimization to maximize performance of marketing communications, offers & other touchpoints experienced by customers.

  • Loyalty Optimization

    We will ready an already conceptualized design, and ensure the program drives deep customer engagement & incrementality.

  • Analytics Diagnostic

    We will focus on achieving a high-level assessment of customer and program data to help uncover key areas of opportunity and areas for deeper-dive analysis. 

  • ROI Modeling

    We will develop models that quantify the potential value of a personalization and/or loyalty program & highlights drivers of value creation within your program.